The Academy Club of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

We received following letter from the President of the Academy Club, Mr. Peter Zilahy:

Due to the cooperation of the Smiling Hospital Foundation and the Academy Club I would like to offer your members opportunity detailed below. Your members – observing the Statutes and policy of the Club – can use the services and facilities of the Club and the Restaurant on certain terms. I kindly ask you to send me a list of your members who would like to use this opportunity. I will give this list to the front desk of the Restaurant and our colleagues will be happy to accept reservations and provide information. Please call: +36-1-312-0626.

This offer is valid between 1st October 2013 and 31st of May 2014. Please note that in the restaurant we do not offer the discount available to our regular members.

Spa Facilities at Intercontinental Hotel

A discount of 20% when purchasing a membership of the Spa Facilities at the Intercontinental Hotel for 3, 6 or 12 months. If interested contact Albert Royaards for further assistance.

Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra.

Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra – – is pleased to provide the members of the Grandhouse International Club with a 10-15% discount for their concert tickets. Grandhouse-members, who are interested in this option, need to notify our Vice President, András Lipcsei. Upon confirmation by András Lipcsei, these members will join the “Friends of the Orchestra” and will receive regular information about future concert performances.